What's Inside?

Wondering what you can expect inside your grooming box? Take a look at some of the fantastic products we've featured.

Premium Products

We've featured some premium products such as the Energising Face Wash from Keihl's that'll wake you up first thing in the morning and the Overnight Clay Face Mask by Procoal which will nourish your skin and get rid of toxins whilst you sleep.

A few products from more niche brands such as the FadeOut SPF Men's Moisturiser that's light on your skin and protects against damaging UV rays with added anti-pollution protection, and the Solid Statement Solid Cologne that fit's right in your pocket and has you smelling your best all day.


Grooming Routine

Each delivery is accompanied by an informational insert which details out how to use each product, the key ingredients and the expected benefits, so that you know how to use each product and effortlessly build a grooming routine that suits you.

You'll be the best version of yourself in no time!


Discovery Experience

Each delivery contains a new set of products which you would not have tried before. Take for example the Terre de Mars Organic 010 Shampoo with it's refreshing scent and natural hair strengthening properties, or the Exfoliating Scrub from The Other Saint contained in 100% biodegradable packaging, so you can take care of yourself whilst also taking care of the planet.