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Products / Theo & Drew The Noble Hold Organic Hair Clay, 50ml

Theo & Drew The Noble Hold Organic Hair Clay, 50ml


Product Description

A powerful natural and organic hair styling clay made with mineral rich Illite and Koalin clay that will add texture along with detail, and hold the most unruly of locks, whilst helping to nourish your scalp, repair damaged hair, and promote a healthy hair environment. Added Shea Butter and Argan Oil help with healthy hair growth. Perfect for thick hair, but will not overwhelm finer hair types. Place a small amount onto your palms, leave to warm and then apply to hair. Style as desired. Expertly crafted natural hair clay that holds your style whilst nourishing your hair.

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Made right here in the UK


Natural, cruelty-free, vegan


Highest quality ingredients


Formulated for sensitive skin